Create a financial routine focused on building wealth

Financial planning doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. 

We help get your finances into a simple planning rhythm
The RetireUS planning cycle consists of two key stages: goal planning & cash flow planning.

This keeps your investments, goals, and savings in constant alignment as circumstances evolve.

How It Works

Stage 1:
Goal Planning
This stage focuses on aligning investments with financial goals to increase your plan’s effectiveness.

Goal & Investment Analysis

We start by establishing goals and reviewing all existing investments to provide clarity on your strategy, risks, and probability of success.

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Investment Planning

Once goals are established, your CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ will build a strategy to align all investments with your goals, timeline, and risk tolerance.

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Strategy Implementation

Whether you are opening new accounts or transferring funds, our Wealth Concierge team makes implementing your plan easy & seamless.


Stage 2:
Cash Flow Planning
This stage focuses on aligning household cash flow with financial goals to increase your plan’s efficiency.

Cash Flow Analysis

After your investment strategy is established, we evaluate how your cash flow is being utilized to achieve your goals.

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Cash Flow Prioritization

We determine how much to save, where to save, and how often to save in order to reach your goals faster and more efficiently.

More complex priorities simply add layers to your planning cycle
RetireUS offers three tiers of servcies that expand on each stage of planning.
Basic Planning focuses on financial goals, investments & prioritizing household cash flow.
Tax Mastery focuses on retirement tax liabilities & diversifying savings by tax category.
Wealth Mastery focuses on transferring wealth & maximizing complex income streams.
Basic Planning

Basic planning focuses on the financial goals you want to accomplish and how to utilize your savings to make it a reality.

Goal Stage:
  • Analysis of all financial goals, their timelines, and probability of success
  • Calculation of total savings needed to reach financial goals
  • A personalized strategy to align all invesment accounts with your financial goals & risk tolerance
Cash Flow Stage:
  • Analysis of household cash flow to prioritize savings towards goals
  • A systematic savings plan to expand your invesment strategy
  • An insurance audit to maximize life, disability, & long term care coverage
RetireUS advanced planning strategies included in Basic Planning
Resilient Retirement®
  • Retirement timeline breakdown
  • Employee plan fund optimization
  • Passive income planning
  • Market crash investment strategy
Cash Flow Hierarchy®
  • Prioritizing cash flow by goal, timeline, & importance
  • Quantifying monthly savings needed to reach goals
  • A systematic savings plan for employer benefits & personal savings
Tax Mastery

Tax Mastery focuses on your tax diversification and how you can make strategic changes now to reduce future tax liabilites.

Goal Stage:
  • Anaylsis of current invesment accounts & their tax consequences.
  • Required minimum distribution forecasting.
  • Strategy to help minimize taxable income in retirement & reduce future RMDs.
Cash Flow Stage:
  • Analysis of tax diversification within current systematic savings plan
  • A personalized cash flow plan to create more tax efficiency
  • Strategy to shelter new savings from future taxation
RetireUS advanced planning strategies included in Tax Mastery
RMD Roadmap®
  • Retirement tax liability forecasting
  • Retirement distribution modeling
  • RMD reduction strategy
  • Tax deferred to tax-free conversion planning
Tax Prioritization
  • Tax efficiency analysis for current cash flow
  • Evaluation of tax sheltered savings strategies
  • Tax diversification forecasting
  • A cash flow plan to prioritize tax efficiency
Wealth Mastery

Wealth Mastery focuses on leveraging all household assets & income to achieve goals faster, mitigate taxes, and maximize legacy.

Goal Stage:
  • Analysis of future legacy value & forecasted estate taxes
  • Income mapping for complex employer benefits
  • Strategy to help strengthen future estate valuation, minimize potential tax consequences, & create generational wealth
Cash Flow Stage:
  • Analysis of all income & employer compensation packages
  • Tax-free gifting review for early inheritance planning
  • Strategy for leveraging complex income streams to accelerate your plan’s success
RetireUS advanced planning strategies included in Wealth Mastery
Lasting Legacy®
  • Forecast of final estate valuation & tax consequences
  • Strategy to maximize legacy valuation
  • Analyisis to reduce state and federal estate tax
  • Tax-sheltered wealth transfer planning
Complex Income Playbook
  • Deferred compensation forecasting and savings plan
  • Restricted stock grant modeling
  • Stock option exercise strategy
  • Real estate & business income planning

Subscriptions built for each level of planning

Our services are designed to support you at each level of financial planning.

Choose from three subscription tiers that build upon each other, with each tier of service offering additional levels of expertise.

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