Financial freedom through wellness & expert advice

Organize your finances, build strong financial habits, and work with a team of licensed professionals to achieve your goals.

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Do you feel disconnected from your finances?

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77% of adults are anxious over their financial situation
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81% of households don’t know how much they need to have saved to retire
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Only 17% of Americans currently work with a financial advisor

Start managing your finances like a professional

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Build financial habits

The RetireUS platform was designed to help you build habits around financial wellness & wealth creation.

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Plan like a CFP®

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ will create a goal based strategy for your investments & household cash flow.

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Invest like an expert

Work with a dedicated professional to organize your finances, answer financial questions, & implement a plan to achieve your goals. 

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Create a planning routine

Get your finances into a planning rhythm that keeps your investments and savings in constant alignment with your goals.

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Our 4-minute multiple choice quiz will evaluate your financial planning progress, identify issues, and provide recommendations for next steps.

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How RetireUS works

Getting Started

Start for free with a Financial Checkpoint

Our 4-minute quiz will assess your current retirement progress and recommend a planning subscription that is right for you.

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Complete your profile

Once you choose a plan, the RetireUS dashboard will ask you a few simple questions & connect your investment accounts to give your CFP® a full picture of your financial goals and current planning progress.

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Hop on a video call with your advisor

After your profile is complete, you and your advisor will meet virtually to discuss financial goals, analyze current investments, & begin the RetireUS Planning Cycle.


Ongoing Support

Regular check-ins

With RetireUS, you have a personal Wealth Concierge who will help monitor your plan, make sure everything is on track, and schedule review meetings with your advisor.

Unlimited financial advice

As life changes occur and questions about your finances arise, your advisor team is always just a quick message away.

Technology to stay organized

Your personal dashboard will track planning progress, prioritize next steps, and give you a birds eyes view of your household’s finances to hold your financial plan accountable. 

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Tax Planning
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Risk of Failure
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