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Our Proven 6-factor Approach

At RetireUS, our services are built around a 6-factor approach, proven to create a comprehensive financial plan.

The first 4-factors will lay a foundation for financial success. As your wealth grows, new strategies to manage your taxes, wealth, and legacy will take your planning to an expert level.

RetireUS 6-Factor Approach
Basic Planning

Basic Planning focuses on financial goals, investments & prioritizing household cash flow. 

All basic plans include the following 4-factors:

Current Situation:
  • A review of household income, expenses, assets, and liabilities.
  • Evaluation of goal pacing and existing investments.
Short Term Savings:
  • Analysis of intermediate goals and their timelines.
  • Calculation of savings needed, return targets, and appropriate investment strategy.
  • Analysis of progress, pacing, and probability of success.
  • Calculation of savings needed, return targets, and appropriate investment strategy.
Risks & Insurance:
  • Analysis of the potential risks your investments could be exposed to.
  • Evaluation of insurance protection and risk reduction strategies.

Advance your plan as your resources grow

Once we lay your financial foundation, your resources will continue to grow and your goals will evolve.

Our Tax Mastery & Wealth Mastery services are designed to build on the first 4-factors and strategically address key areas that will take your financial plan to the next level.

Tax Mastery

Tax Mastery focuses on how taxes are affecting your financial plan.

What is Tax Mastery?

Tax Mastery is an advanced level of planning where future tax liabilities are being managed through strategic cash flow prioritization and tax diversification.

Tax Mastery Services
  • Analysis of tax diversification across existing investments and current cash flow.
  • Projections of retirement tax liabilities.
  • A savings plan to reduce future taxes.
  • Proactive strategy to control & reduce Required Minimum Distributions.
Wealth Mastery

Wealth Mastery focuses on maximizing net worth and amplifying your legacy.

What is Wealth Mastery?

Wealth Mastery is the pinnacle of financial planning. At this tier, you are leveraging all household assets & income to achieve goals faster, mitigate taxes, and create a legacy for the next generation.

Wealth Mastery Services
  • Strategy to leverage employer stock plans, deferred compensation, & real estate income.
  • Multi-Generational wealth transfer planning.
  • State and federal estate tax forecasting.
  • Tax exempt gifting strategies.
  • Trust investment planning.

Subscriptions built for each level of planning

Our services are designed to support you at each stage of financial planning – from the foundation to the pinnacle.

Choose from three subscription tiers that build upon each other, with each tier of service offering additional levels of expertise.

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Free tools to help you start planning

Your RetireUS account includes a FREE Financial Wellness Toolkit to help you get started on your planning journey.

RetireUS Financial Wellness Toolkit:

40+ on-demand modules in easy-to-understand “blocks” that will increase your financial literacy and start your planning journey.
Insurance | Annuity Audit
Analyze your existing polices to see if there are better products on the market.
Portfolio DeepScan®
Calculate how much your investments would lose in a market crash.
Simple Rollover®
Easily rollover old employer retirement plans.
Financial Checkpoint
Assess your current retirement progress, tax planning & risks in 4 minutes.
Financial Wellness Review
Connect with an advisor to review your goals and financial red flags.
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